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  1. Visiting a real estate agent and asking for information.
  2. Checking real estate magazines.
  3. Through the Internet.
  1. Mediation fee is normally the equivelant of one month's rent.
  2. The rate of key money depends on the apartment, but is usually 0-2 months rent.
  3. The rate of the deposit varies from house to house, but 1-3 months is standard. In the Kansai area , some properties have a 8-10months rent deposit .This is a special case (the system is called "Shiki-biki",similar to key money in Kanto) in which 30-50% is deducted upon cancellation.
  4. The extension fee is usually equal to 1 month's rent in Kanto . On the other hand, in Kansai , an extension fee is usually not necessary.
  5. A guarantor is required no matter what building or area you live in , but some agents have developed a new system of taking a deposit in lieu of a guarantor. This new system is gaining popularity.
  1. The lease term is usually 2 years. However since the new law "Teiki-shakka" has been put into effect, there are more options regarding the lease term.
  2. Pets are not permitted by most lessors in Japan. But some realty agents have started to answer the demands of pet owners, and many lessors are more flexible these days.
  3. Unlike France , the lessee cannot redecorate without the permission of the lessor. However, these days, some houses are arranged according to the lessee's requests.
  1. Lessee must give one month's notice prior to leaving.
  2. The property must be restored to the condition it was in before the lessee moved in.
  3. The cleaning/repairs fee depends on how well owners teach manners to their pets!
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  1. It is becoming popular to provide tenants with a pamphlet explaining the rent system.
  2. Since houses in Japan are usually small, there is not always a live-in janitor in each apartment. Therefore the lessor or the realty agent are in charge of maintenance, in most cases.
  1. 95% of apartments in Japan do NOT allow pets.
  2. Gradually, these days, landlords are becoming more permissive on this issue.

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